Hakuna Matata! We remember this when Baloo the bear sang this song to Mowgli in the 2016 Disney blockbuster movie “The Jungle Book”. Baloo taught Mowgli to live a carefree life. It is an African Swahili phrase. So, why can investment be made in a carefree mode? It can be done through Hakuna Matata ($TATA), which is a perfect combination of investment with altruism and charity.

What is Hakuna Matata ($TATA)?

Hakuna Matata $TATA is a Binance Smart Chain based crypto asset marketplace, where buyers and sellers meet to transact based on long-term speculative and value views. The unique…

Everyone is aware of the Swahili phrase Hakuna Matata which means no worries. We went up with this name because we want to reduce the worries of people around the globe. Our governance token is $TATA. The goal of $TATA is to fill the gap between charity and the cryptocurrency world. It will allow us to expand the market for outstretching the boundaries of charitable donations into the unserved markets.

HakunaMatata $TATA Token is a Binance Smart Chain built on the BEP-20 protocol. We have developed the token to build a widespread consensus on the coexistence of financial freedom and…

Tata Token

Hakuna Matata ($TATA) — Combining investing with altruism and charity

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