Hakuna Matata ($TATA) — A perfect blend of investment with altruism and charity


Hakuna Matata! We remember this when Baloo the bear sang this song to Mowgli in the 2016 Disney blockbuster movie “The Jungle Book”. Baloo taught Mowgli to live a carefree life. It is an African Swahili phrase. So, why can investment be made in a carefree mode? It can be done through Hakuna Matata ($TATA), which is a perfect combination of investment with altruism and charity.

What is Hakuna Matata ($TATA)?

Hakuna Matata $TATA is a Binance Smart Chain based crypto asset marketplace, where buyers and sellers meet to transact based on long-term speculative and value views. The unique advantage $TATA offers is combining investing with altruism and charitable causes. $TATA believes that investment and charity can be merged into one medium to ensure the prosperity of one’s own wealth while benefiting the community and reflecting on the wellness of society positively.

The uniqueness of the project;

  • A charity NFT Marketplace that extends traditional NFT launchpads and incorporates the seller’s discretion into donating a certain percentage of seller proceeds directly to charities.
  • A cryptocurrency charity ecosystem that extended crowdfunding methods towards cryptocurrencies with a special concentration on the $TATA token as the central medium of change.

Points to be noted in terms of investment;

  • The futuristic $TATA utility token has already been listed on CoinMarketCap- the world’s most-referenced price-tracking website for crypto assets in the rapidly growing cryptocurrency space.
  • It is soon to be listed on Probit- a professional digital currency exchange.
  • We are delighted to announce that with the completion of audits, our partnership with Dessert Finance and Solidity audits has touched new heights.
  • Apart from this, a cretik audit is also lined up.
  • We are planning a solid charity work- paid donations to charity in Water and ICRC Yemen project, with a goal to donate one in every week.
  • As a part of our advertisement campaign, billboards and bus ads are expected to go on board by the end of the month.

Four-pillars of the approach of Hakuna Matata ($TATA)

The $TATA Tokenomics is based on four main pillars,

  • Earn
  • Burn
  • Charity
  • Grow

It encourages holding, feeding liquidity, and reflecting unto the community as a whole under the motto of “no worries” through actively enhancing the world’s wellness and prosperity, one step at a time.

Charity focus of the project;

The relief of poverty, the improvement of government, and the advancement of community pillars (e.g., education and health) are adamant focal points to build an exhaustive charity focus central foundation in the long run, through building a self-funding ecosystem that grows the funding capabilities all whilst growing the value of the token under study.

Bottom line;

Switch on your carefree mode of investment with Hakuna Matata ($TATA).

Hakuna Matata ($TATA) — Combining investing with altruism and charity